GERMAN-RUSSIAN RESEARCH LABORATORY (GERRUS-LAB) High-dimensional Tensor Methods in Mathematical Sciences and Applications Methods in Mathematical Sciences and Applications

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PD, DrSci. Boris N. Khoromskij

PhD student Stephan Kühn (MPI MiS)

(Hierarchical tensor decompositions)

Dr. Venera Khoromskaia (MPI MiS)

(Tensor structured numerical solution of Hartree-Fock equation)

Dipl. student Christian Schindler (University of Leipzig)

(Tensor approximation of elliptic resolvent)

Dipl. student Theresa Strauch (University of Freiburg), till 30.09.2010

(Tensor Approximation of Vectors and Matrices)

Dr. Dmitry Savostyanov (INM RAS), till 18.08.2010

(Adaptive Cross Approximation)

MS student Sergei Dolgov (MIPT), till 07.09.2010

(Tensor-Structured Elliptis Solvers)

MS student Vladimir Kazeev (MIPT), till 07.09.2010

(QTT Approximation of Functions and Operators)



Prof. Eugene Tyrtyshnikov

Dr. Ivan Oseledets (INM RAS)

Dr. Dmitry Savostyanov (INM RAS)

PhD student Olga Lebedeva (MSU)

(Tensor methods for eigenvalue problems)

MS student Sergei Dolgov  (MIPT)

(Tensor solutions to operator equations with jumping coefficients)

MS student Vladimir Kazeev (MIPT)

(Optimization techniques in low-rank tensor approximation)

Dipl student Nazar Andrienko (MSU)

(Tensor-train methods for matrix functions and integral equations)

Dipl student Gregory Bonik (MSU)

(Tensor-trains in computional finances)

Dipl student Vadim Rumyantsev (MSU)

(Tensor-train methods in data analysis)